• Hi,

    My name is Marta and this is me and my laser machine in my garage workshop. I am an independent teacher passionate about teaching.The laser machine is the magic power behind my sewing club. It helps me to cut out the amazing felt projects for my sewing club. 

    I design many of my projects for the request of my little students. Armadillo was for Fidelma, penguin for Rebecca. The Parrot was the exception, it was designed for my father in law Andy who was going to a pirates party. 

  • What does a laser machine have to do with sewing?

    This laser machine is like hundreds of scissors, enabling me to cut sewing patterns with incredible precision and speed.This is what makes my sewing club unique from others. The idea to use a laser machine came to me when I had to spend all night cutting felt patterns for the sewing club. It was a “Christmas team”  project- four very cute and simple decorations. In one of my sessions, I showed to children a new Christmas project. They went absolutely crazy, everyone wanted to make it. They were sewing faster than a sewing machine. I was running out of patterns fast and only armed with a pair of scissors, spending all night to cut sufficient projects for the next sewing session. There must be a better way to do this, after extensive research into laser machines I decided to take the plunge. 

  • What to expect from my sewing club?

    Definitely high professionalism and passion for working with children. I provide a relaxed sewing session where children can not only learn sewing but also interact and socialise with other children. 

    Over the years I have observed that children are giving up learning new skills when they encounter some difficulties.

  • This has become my quest to give the child a “never say quit” attitude to completing the project. As I will not let them start something new until the other project has been completed, no matter how messy it looks. Then we discuss ways to improve the quality of sewing on each successive project. This is what I repeat to them each session, believe me, it makes a magic. 

    This is also my motto, as I am constantly trying to improve my teaching skills in the way I provide the clubs.

  • My club my kingdom

    To provide the best experience for children during the sewing club I provide children with the best quality equipment. Children do not need to bring anything to the club. 

    I am taking care of everything. Children will be provided with: ready pre-cut felt patterns, the best quality threads (Gütermann), pins, needles, high quality scissors, buttons and beads, ribbons and accessories for decoration,folder to store their projects, handouts with basic instruction for sewing and many more sewing accessories depending on the projects which children do.

  • What are the projects? 

    The projects range from a simple bookmark with the initials of the individual to the more complex Armadillo, with its unique armour plating taking a great deal of patience and skill to stitch (as shown below pre and post-completion).

  • I now have over 50 pre-cut projects to choose from, in both 2D and 3D. 

    Also, I have always activity encourage the pupils to be creative and supported them in completing their own ideas once they have mastered the necessary skills.