St Paul's school:

Tuesday from 3.20 - 4.30 pm, ART room.
Starting on 20th April, ends on 6th July, no session on 13th July - parent evening


St Edmund's school:

Monday  from 3.15 -4.30 pm, SPORT HALL.
Starting on 19th April, ends on 12th July, no session on 3rd May - Bank holiday



Everything is included, all sewing accessories, scissors, needles, pins  ribbons, buttons, etc.

With pre-cut felt patterns, children can choose from over 50 different projects


St Paul's school: 11 sessions, £99 for the summer term. 

St Edmund's school: 12 sessions, £108 for the summer term. 



Booking is via email. Please, just sent me an email with following informations:

child name

school year

School name (I have clubs in two schools)

And information if you would like to pay by instalments 

After first session I will provide all parents with my bank details to pay. 



All children during the club sessions will have to follow school rules regarding health and safety. 

In case of national lockdown, remaining session will be provided via zoom.

If I have to cancel sessions due to self isolation I will provide refund for missed sessions.



What it could mean for your child:

Sewing encourages persistence; fine motor skills, imagination and simple problem solving skills.

Hand – eye coordination is enhanced e.g.: threading the needle and judging stitching distances, hand – eye coordination essential in many sports as well.

Perseverance, completing the task. 

Teaches a much declining life skill of mending or up-cycling clothes.

Develops social skills by working in small groups. 

Produces a tangible end product that may be given away or retained as an example of achievement.

Quality time, an alternative to screen time.

The possibility of your child finding a new skill and boosting his or her confidence.


Society and the Future?

Will the environmental concerns of fast, throw away fashion, lead us to a more sustainable future of make do and mend?

Did you read recently that trainee surgeons have been sent to sewing school as it was suggested that too much screen time has lead to a decline in hand eye coordination?

Any aspiring fashion designer will need to know how clothes are put together.

Any clothes made by an individual are more likely to (a) be retained and used (b) fit!